LINKS World Group

LINKS World Group is a North American company based in Miami and present in eight countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

LINKS was created to deliver high-impact, intelligent and innovative solutions for their clients and for the marketing world.

They have been responsible for the development and execution of media campaigns for many of the world's most intelligent and innovative companies. These include great brands such as Audi, Jet Blue, Gucci, Pioneer, Marriott, , Chanel, Banco Azteca, Iberia, Armani/Casa, Travel New Zealand, We Chat, University of Miami, Mercedez Benz, Polaroid, Holstein, LAN/TAM, Alexander McQueen and the Trump Organisation to name just a few.

Daring to think and act differently in an industry with pre-established roles and tactics: this is way in which LINKS incites change for the better. In a world where communication between continents is just a smartphone click away, LINKS offers the quickest and most effective channels to increase brand awareness.

LINKS World Group

3150 Southwest 38th Avenue
Suite 1306
Miami, Florida 33146